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About Eric


Statement of Commitment to Clients: My commitment to you is to act with the care and diligence of a reasonable and prudent person conducting his or her own financial affairs.

Statement of Financial Advisor Role: We believe our best tool is the ability to ask questions. While financial problems may be complex, the solutions often are not. There is strength in simplicity for most clients.

Financial Advisor Qualifications:

1977 – Life and Accident & Sickness Insurance license (British Columbia and Alberta)
1983 – CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) – The professional designation of the life insurance industry. Also awarded silver medal for highest marks in BC.
1990 – CFP (Chartered Financial Planner) – The original financial planning designation.
1993 – completed Agency Manager Training Course
1995 – CHFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) – An Estate Planning designation
1996 – CFP (Certified Financial Planner) – recognized as the current standard in financial planning and license must be renewed annually.
1999 – Mutual Fund license (British Columbia)
2001 – Branch Manager for Mutual Funds
2009 – RHU – Registered Health Underwriter
2011 – CHS – Certified Health Insurance Specialists

Industry Involvement:

  • Has been a volunteer in the financial industry affairs since the early 1980’s.
  • Has moderated many CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) subjects and served on numerous committees.
  • President of the BC Mainland CLU Chapter in 1988-89 and President of Advocis Greater Vancouver in 2005.
  • On the national board of TFAAC (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada) 2011-2012
  • Chair of the Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) 2011 – 2012.  Eric led a group of ten senior Advocis volunteers from across Canada and collectively they were responsible for 40 Chapters and over 11,000 members
  • Currently serving as a Trustee on the national board of IAFE (The Institute for Advanced Financial Education).   The Institute provides a platform of standards and advanced knowledge through designation programs and accreditation services.  The Institute also administers and promotes the CLU and CHS designations.


Code of Professional Conduct:

As a condition of membership in Advocis, all members agree to abide by the Advocis Code of Professional Conduct (CPC).*

  1. Priority of Client’s Interest: An Advocis Member shall act in a client’s best interests
  2. Integrity: An Advocis Member shall act with integrity
  3. Competence: An Advocis Member shall act competently
  4. Diligence: An Advocis Member shall act diligently
  5. Disclosure: An Advocis Member shall act transparently
  6. Professionalism: An Advocis Member shall act in a manner that reflects positively upon all other Advocis Members
  7. Confidentiality: An Advocis Member shall respect and protect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of client information
  8. Respect for the Law: An Advocis Member shall act in accordance with the spirit and principles of the law

The CPC is part of an overall framework that includes Practice Standards, Best Practices Applications, and Disciplinary Procedures.